The Check-In With Marcus Barney, Also Known As Him500

Marcus Barney, known as Him500, is an entrepreneur who has built his wealth from real estate and credit repair. He has created an online course called Recession Proof Xtreme. This course covers topics like improving your credit score and securing business funding. Visit https://www.scamrisk.com/marcus-him500-recession-proof/ for tips on how to save cash when traveling or buying cars.Marcus Barney

Founder of Recession Proof and financial literacy coach Marcus Barney is a serial entrepreneur who has helped thousands of people start their own businesses, quit their jobs, and achieve multiple streams of entrepreneurial income. His methods include leveraging credit, real estate investments, and other financial tools to build wealth. He also mentors aspiring entrepreneurs to help them become recession-proof. In this episode of The Check-In, NeAndre talks with Marcus about his journey as an entrepreneur and his best piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Marcus Barney, aka Him500, created Recession Proof Xtreme to teach people how to use the power of credit and finance to make more money. He started his first business at the age of 18 and has since built up a successful real estate investment firm and finance education company.

Him500’s program has taught hundreds of people how to start their own businesses and leave the rat race behind for good. The program has an extensive curriculum that includes business models, entrepreneurship coaching, and mentoring. He’s also hosted several conferences and partnered with major players in the business and entrepreneur game, including Mike Tyson.

In addition to teaching business models, Him500’s course teaches people how to repair their credit and secure funding for their businesses. He’s even developed a program that allows people to purchase luxury cars on credit. He also offers tips on how to travel cheaply and live a better life in general.

While Him500 is a legitimate businessman, his program is overpriced, and some of the business models he teaches are risky. In addition, there are many other online courses that do a better job of teaching the same topics.

Despite the criticism, Him500 is not a scam and does offer some valuable advice for entrepreneurs. However, it’s important to remember that not every business model will work for everyone, and you need to be willing to put in the effort to be successful. In addition, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what you’re investing in before making any decisions. This will prevent you from getting ripped off or losing your hard-earned money.


If you want to become financially free and live a rich life, it’s important to know how to manage your money. Marcus Barney, also known as Him500, has a program that can teach you how to do just that. This program is called Recession Proof Xtreme, and it claims to help you build generational wealth. The course is expensive, so it’s best to research it carefully before you purchase it.

Him 500 is an entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the business world. He started his first business at age 18 and has since been involved in several other ventures. After suffering a setback in his real estate dealings during the 2008 housing crisis, Him 500 realized the importance of credit and finance. He has used this knowledge to create an online course that teaches others how to manage their finances and achieve financial freedom.

His course, Recession Proof Xtreme, costs $3,497 and is aimed at people who want to build their wealth. It’s not for everyone, however. There are many other courses that can teach you the same things at a much lower cost. In addition to the course, Him 500 has a blog where he posts tips on how to get wealthy and make money. He also hosts an annual convention that teaches attendees how to build their businesses and escape the pangs of poverty.

The Recession Proof Xtreme program is expensive but has some great information. However, it doesn’t cover all of the information you need to become a millionaire. For example, it doesn’t teach you how to start a side hustle or how to make money from home. In addition, the course doesn’t offer a refund policy, which is a red flag. There are many other, cheaper courses available that can teach you how to make money from home. There are even some that don’t require you to borrow money or fix your credit. These courses are worth checking out if you’re serious about making money.

Getting started

Marcus Barney, also known as Him500, is an experienced entrepreneur and creator of Recession Proof Xtreme. He has been doing business since he was 18. He started in real estate and then changed to selling cell phones. However, his cell phone business failed because he said he didn’t know enough about finance and credit. He learned from his mistake and started his own company that teaches people about the world of finance and credit.

Recession Proof Xtreme is an online course that teaches you how to make money as a side hustle or full-time business. It also teaches you how to improve your credit score and secure financing for businesses. The course is pretty expensive, but it may be worth it if you want to start making money as soon as possible. However, there are other courses that can teach you the same things at a much cheaper price.

The course is designed to help entrepreneurs create a profitable business from scratch and build wealth in the process. It has a unique strategy that leverages credit to produce generational wealth for its clients. Marcus also offers his mentees essential tools and financial resources to grow their businesses. He believes in helping the community, so he spends time volunteering and donating to charity events.

Getting started with the program is simple. First, you need to sign up for a free account on the Marcus Him500 website. Then, you can access the course materials, which will include video and audio lessons on how to get started with your own business. You will also get bonus training materials and access to a private Facebook group.

Getting started with Recession Proof Xtreme is easy, but you should be aware of the risks involved in this type of business. It is not for everyone and is best suited for those who already have some experience in the business world. There are other online courses that can teach you how to start a business, but this one is expensive, and the business models taught aren’t the easiest ones. In addition, there are no refunds, which is a red flag because most legit online courses offer a refund policy.

Final word

Marcus Barney, also known as Him500, is a highly successful entrepreneur who started his first company at the age of 18. He initially got into the real estate industry but later switched to selling cellphones after the 2008 market crisis. After his cellphone business failed, he learned the importance of finance and credit. He has since developed his own mentorship program to teach others how to be recession-proof and manage their finances.

The Recession Proof Xtreme mentorship program has helped thousands of people become financially independent and has created hundreds of millionaires among its membership base. Its strategies are designed to help entrepreneurs and passive income earners achieve financial freedom. They also help them increase their FICO score to qualify for the best credit facilities and instruments. In addition, the program offers a one-of-a-kind community that is focused on supporting its members and generating wealth in the black community.

He also knows how important it is to secure the future of his family and other community members. This is why he created the community: to uplift downtrodden communities and families. He believes that many of the problems that face the world today could be solved if everyone enjoyed financial freedom. This is why he is constantly working on building strategies to make the world a better place. He has even hosted a conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, to spread his message. He is an inspiration to his followers. He has a lot of experience in the business world and is always sharing his knowledge with others.